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Welcome to our family genealogical web site!  My name is Jack Milani (Lil' Jack) and my dad is the host of this site.  If you have any questions, feedback or any "two for a nickel" comments, please contact my dad at the e-mail address in the 'Contact Us' link.  Thanks for visiting and don't forget to sign our guestbook below my picture!



 . . . here are just a few of my goofy cousins and their equally goofy parents at the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jack & Nancy Milani, Frederick, Maryland, Summer of 2003.   From Left to Right, Erin Milani; John Milani, Jr; Kevin Kuhn; Dave Milani, Mark Kuhn; Matthew Kuhn; Peggy "Aunt Pickle" (Milani) Kuhn; & Amy Kuhn;  Wendy Milani (is front center).

GroupDave.JPG, Hosted by Bob Milani
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